Buildspace Nights & Weekends S1


2 min read

It started with the acceptance email for the Buildspace Nights and Weekends program Season 1. This is a 6 weeks program where I will develop my Web3 project BlockOverflow and present it live on the demo day.

We just had our first workshop of the program. This program is remote, yet the workshop felt surrounded by almost 300+ developers participating in it.

In the workshop, we discussed the ideas that we will commit to building in this program. We were presented with a number of ways by which one can select an idea and how it should go along with the program.

There were many points which are valuable in deciding on what should one work on. Developers around the world in this program had their unique way of deciding that which was fun to explore. Some said to try enough things to understand problems, some said it should be fun, some said it can be a better version of a thing, etc.

The chat box was flooded with awesome suggestions. The fantastic thing about this is that an environment was created which was competitive yet collaborative with amazing feedback on many idea boxes. The fellow participants for the whole day and night interacted and gave feedback on each other ideas.

The workshop 1 event was concluded after everyone had inscribed their own ideas in stone and setting milestones. A Figma template with over HUNDREDS of idea boxes was swarmed by the fellow participants and amazing things that want to do during these 6 weeks.

Figma Idea bank.PNG

That's all now. I will come back more on the highlights of the Buildspace N&W and my project development.

See ya.๐Ÿ‘‹